Report From Sri Lanka After ODI 1

Balls And All co-hosts Hamish Mackenzie and Peter Loh file a report after Blind Cricket Australia’s 7 wicket loss to Blind Cricket Sri Lanka in the first ODI.

Six And Out Premiers On Blind Sports Radio

Six And Out, our new show showcasing the goings on with the Blind Cricket Australia side over in India and Sri Lanka, premiered last night on Blind Sports Radio.

A big thanks to
Philip Bam,
2014 national tournament director and treasurer of Blind Cricket South Africa, for coming on our first show and telling the audience of the goings on in the South African blind cricket scene, and in particular, the nationals recently held in Somerset West. It sure sounds like there’s a steady stream of talent coming through, and Blind Sports Radio is certainly looking forward to the world cup later on this year in Cape Town.

Our Blind Cricket Australia player that popped on to the show as our second and final guest was Balls And All’s own
Hamish Mackenzie,
who advised us that he was one of the first victims of Bangalore belly. A fantastic first report by the great man, and I’m sure we’ll have further crosses over to Sri Lanka with Mish and others as the tournament progresses.

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