T20 Action Commences, NSW vs. Manukau South

Blind Sports Radio had the great pleasure of bringing to you NSW vs. Manukau South on day 5 of the 33rd Blind Cricket Championships.

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40 Over Final Now Out

On a gorgeous Saturday at Princess Park, BSR had the wonderful pleasure of bringing you the T40 final between Victoria and Queensland.

After a hard fought match, the mighty Victorian side came up on top, with some fabulous work with both bat and in the field from the retiring favourite Peter Loh.

BSR congratulates Peter on a fabulous career and we appreciate all of the fabulous cricketing memories that you have provided, both on the field and in the commentary box and I know we will have you on air sometime soon down the track.

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Day 3 Now Out

Whilst tteams were battling it out on the field, day 3 of the champs saw the commentary team battle extreme heat, plus a rather dilapidated gazebo and some rather warm equipment.

Sadly, the heat policy was put into effect, thus we never got to see the conclusion of the match we were covering between NSW and Queensland.

In any case, with the help of the callers who we had on the air, plus Matt calling the ball-by-ball action ensured that we had some very memorable commentary throughout what was certainly a very hot day.

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