The Latest Balls And All Is Now Out

The latest podcast of Balls And All is now out.

The team thanks all of our guests for coming on and making for another fabulous show.

First up,
Blind Cricket Australia
Peter Robinson
came on to discuss the Aussie side travelling over to South Africa to participate in the upcoming blind cricket world cup.

Our second guest was totally blind martial arts instructor
Joshua Loya,
who came on the show to discuss his experiences in training blind and vi students learning the art of martial arts, as well as reminiscing over some past unusual events that we all contributed to on
NHB Radio.

Check out Joshua’s web page
The Way Of The Servant Warrior,
as well as
The Guardian Quest Martial Arts homepage.

Third on the latest Balls And All podcast was vi runner
Katherine Walshaw,
who came on to discuss her participation in the
Sun-Herald City2Surf.

To support Katherine in her quest to raise money to ensure that the great work that the
Blind Sporting Council
continues well into the future, check out
Katherine- Running For Blind Sport Facebook page,
and please donate to
Katherine’s Everyday Hero: The 2014 Sun-Herald City2Surf page.

Our next guest was
Blind Cricket India’s
Sudhir Aggarwal
who came on to discuss his organization and the part that they play in promoting and encouraging young blind cricketers to be the best that they can be.

Sudhir also released a short film entitled
It’s Cricket
which is certainly worth a look into the lives of the Indian blind cricket team.

Our fifth guest was
Donna McCaskill,
who came on to discuss the crazy sport known as
blind hockey, run by the Kia Kaha Blind Hockey Club.

I can assure followers of Balls And All that there is no chance that any of our panellists will be playing this sport any time soon, but it was fascinating to hear Donna chat about blind hocky in New Zealand and how this interesting sport is growing in popularity across the ditch.

Our final guest was tandem bike enthusiast
Peter Fletcher,
who came on and chatted about his love for tandem bike riding, as well as his ambition to compete in the 2016 Rio Paralympics.

Check out
Tandem Bike Victoria’s Facebook page,
as well as
Tandem Bike Victoria’s webpage
if you live in Victoria and you’re keen in getting involved in tandem bike riding.

As you can see, it was another massive Balls And All show, and we certainly appreciate our guests, as well as our listeners, contributing to making this week’s show so memorable.

Why not
download the latest Balls And All podcast
so that you can listen at your leisure, or you can click on the play button below to tune into the podcast online.