The Latest Balls And All Is Out

Another massive Balls And All was just aired on Blind Sports Radio, and what a fabulous show we had, even though
Peter Loh
wasn’t able to grace us with his presence.

We’d like to thank all of our guests for coming on tonight’s show and so generously giving up some of their valuable time to contribute to this week’s Balls And All episode.

First cab off the rank was
Blind Cricket Australia
Lindsay Heaven,
who came on and provided a wrap up of the upcoming junior training that’s occurring this upcoming weekend and the general goings on within

Our second guest was
Around The Bar With Buddha
Anthony Buddha Telfer,
who gave an extremely thorough wrap on the upcoming BSR broadcast of
the Hells Bells
tournament, which will be live on BSr this upcoming weekend.

Third on the latest podcast of Balls And All was
the Kooyong Swish Club
Robyn Bousie
the Brisbane Swish Club
Tammy-Jo Sheehan,
who promoted the swish nationals on this weekend at
Vision Australia,
which, of course, BSR will also be broadcasting live.

Our fourth guests were
Claire Falls
the National Australian Paralympic Football Team head coach Paul Brown.

Claire and Paul gave an all to familiar account of the federal governments inability to continue funding programs which clearly serve a major purpose in our community and provided our listeners with their position on how Paralympic football now stands in Australia since the funding cuts occurred recently.

I urge all of our listeners to support Claire’s
eyes of a dreamer
blog and to give generously so that we can ensure that the future of Aussie Paralympic soccer continues to thrive and I congratulate Claire for pushing so hard to assist the future of Aussie Paralympic football.

Our final guest was Aussie tandem bike paralympian
Lindy Hou.

It was wonderful to catch up with
and to go through her major achievements throughout her career in the velodrome, as well as talk about her current passion, which is
public speaking.

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