The Latest Around The Bar With Buddha Is Out

Another episode of Around The Bar With Buddha was aired last night, and what a fabulous show it was.

A huge thanks to our special guest
John Hayward,
who came on and discussed the upcoming World Blind Golf Championships starting in ten days time at
the Nelson Bay Golf Club,
which runs from the 12th of May for six days.

Why not check out
the Blind Golf Australia website
for further information on this exciting event, and of course, Blind Sports Radio will have extensive coverage online whilst the tournament is on, so make sure you check out our
on air schedule
for further details of coverage times.

A big thanks to the usual segments and their respective personalities that came on, including the soccer, rugby and AFL wraps, as well as the usual on air spots, in particular the ever popular ladies of league with
Leanne Fitzpatrick.

Why not
download the latest Around The Bar With Buddha
so that you can listen at your leisure, or you can click on the play button below to tune into the podcast online.