The Latest Around The Bar With Buddha Is Now Available

The latest Around The Bar With Buddha is now available, and a lot of fun was had by all.

A huge thanks to all the guests who contributed to making this such a memorable show, including
Marilyn Luck
for coming on and discussing the great sport of blind ten pin bowling.

If you’d like to find out more about this interesting blind sport, why not check out
BVIT. Tenpin Bowling for Blind and Vision Impaired Australians website.

Graham Coulton
and the gang also came on air and brought our listeners up to date with the goings on in
the 2014 IBGA World Blind Golf Championships,
which Blind Sports Radio will be extensively covering, so please make sure you check out the
upcoming events page
for details on our upcoming blind golf broadcasts.

Thanks as always goes out to those who contributed to the usual segments that make Around The Bar With Buddha such a fabulous show each week.

Why not
download the latest episode
so that you can listen at your leisure, or you can click on the play button below to tune into the podcast online.