The Latest Around The Bar With Buddha Is Now Out

The latest Around The Bar With Buddha is now out, and what an interesting show it turned out to be.

We were very greatful to have
Kevin Frew
on the show as this week’s guest commentator. Blind Sports Radio sincerely thanks you for spending some time with us and I’m sure you’ll be on in future episodes, as well as continuing with your regular soccer reports.

Our very special guest for the evening was Australian womens goalball coach Georgie Kennaghan. It was fantastic to have Georgie in the studio, and it’s not hard to see why she’s such a fabulous motivator, ensuring that the Aussie women’s goalball team will continue to excel well into the future.

Our usual weekly segments were on the show, and we thank everyone for their input into making Around The Bar With Buddha such a fun couple of hours each week.

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