The Latest Around The Bar With Buddha Is Out

The latest podcast of Around The Bar With Buddha is now out, and another fun show was had by all.

A huge thanks to this week’s special guest
Ramona Williams
for coming on the show and telling us more about her love for blind cricket over in the UK, as well as making
Shaun Fitzpatrick
a very happy man.

Thanks also to our other special guest
David Saxberg
who came on the show and told us about his blind cricketing life, and it was great to find out a bit more about someone who perhaps a lot of you really didn’t know a great deal about.

Of course, we also thank our regular contributors for each week bringing us the AFL wrap, the union wrap, the soccer wrap and of course, the ever popular Ladies Of League wrap with
Leanne Fitzpatrick.

Why not
download the latest podcast of Around The Bar With Buddha
so that you can listen at your leisure, or you can click on the play button below to tune into the podcast online.