Last Weeks Around The Bar Is Now Up

Last week’s Around The Bar With Buddha is now available for download.

A big thanks to
Ben Felten
for coming on the hsow and chatting about the upcoming
Blindfold Motorcycle Land Speed Record,
which he’ll be aiming to complete in late October, as well as the juniors all abilities blind sports camp that he is organizing to run in late September up in Sydney. Ben’s always an interesting character to have on the show, and he’s welcome back anytime to update us all on this inaugural event.

We’d also like to as always thank all of our usual panellists that make each segment run so smoothly and ensure that Buddha’s bar is, without doubt, a fabulous and thought provoking show every Thursday night.

Why not
download Around The Bar With Buddha
so you can enjoy this podcast at a later date, or you can click on the play button below to listen directly online.