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Balls And All Sub-Continent Special Now Out

Another fantastic Balls and All has just been released, and what a fabulous show it was tonight.

It was wonderful to welcome back to the fold
Hamish Mackenzie
from his overseas jaunt to Costa Rica and the U.S. Great to hear that you enjoyed your holiday so much Mish and wonderful to see you’ll be in the Aussie colours as of next week ready to battle it out against the might of India and Sri Lanka.

A huge thanks to our guests tonight who certainly made the sub-continent special of Balls and All a truly memorable one.

Our first guest on the show was Australian blind cricket captain
Matthew McCarthy,
who certainly made for interesting listening, even telling us some of the Aussie tactics he was planning to utilise against India and Sri Lanka. Thanks so much for your time Matt, and let’s bring the silverware back to where it rightfully belongs.

Our second guest was Sri Lankan B2 Dinesh Mathugama, who certainly was well keen to beat the mighty Aussie team, and Dinesh was certainly wanting
Mr Loh
to bring him over a pair of sunglasses as a present, in return for some sensational Sri Lankan cuisine. Gosh, my mouth’s watering thinking about how good the food is in Sri Lanka.

Our third and final guest was Indian blind cricket captain
Shekhar Naik,
and it was an absolute pleasure to have the great man on our show. Shekhar certainly knows his stuff, and when he quoted the figure of 35000 blind cricketers playing in India, we nearly all fell off our seats in sheer amazement.

Thanks again to all of our guests on the show tonight, and good luck to the Aussie boys travelling to the sub-continent for what promises to be an awesome and challenging tour.

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Surfing Macka Style

Balls And All co-host Hamish Mackenzie, whilst away on his holiday to the states and Costa Rica, decided that he’d try his hand at surfing for the very first time.

Check out how he went, in particular paying close attention to when the lesson was stopped twice due to Hamish feeling slightly ill. Mr Mackenzie tells me that he swallowed a massive amount of sea water. You be the judge.

Zip Line Makes Its Debut On Blind Sports Radio

Zip Line’s one off episode was on this past Thursday, and what a fun show it was.

A huge thanks to
James Dunn
for coming on the show. It was certainly a shame that JD had internet problems, but I’m sure that
Around The Bar With Buddha
will get JD back on to further discuss his cricketing, bowling and running career.

Long time blind cricketer, goalball star and swish nut
David Truong
made an appearance on the show, and as always, it was great to hear from Dave and it was certainly a very interesting chat we had about the great sport swish and how things are going with the game in Queensland and around Australia.

Thanks also to
Leanne Fitzpatrick
for her weekly Ladies Of League segment, and to baby Buddha for the AFL wrap.

A massive thanks also goes out to
Rob Apps
who came on in place of the holidaying surfing superstar
Hamish Mackenzie
after an hour’s notice, to present a well researched and entertaining rugby union wrap. Mr Mackenzie’s Thursday night spot may well be in danger.

It sure was a fun first show, and it was an honour to join
Troy King
and Hobson in the hot seat for what turned out to be a fantastic show, and who knows, future episodes may well be forthcoming.

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