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High Ball Makes Its Debute

High Ball, our latest show talking all things goalball, made its debute on the 27th of May 2014.

This weekly show will have contributions from panellists
Murray Elbourn,
Troy King
Anthony Buddha Telfer

Why not
download the first episode of High Ball
so that you can listen at your leisure, or you can click on the play button below to tune into the podcast online.

The Latest Balls And All Podcast

Balls And All was on yesterday, and what a fabulous and informative show we had.

I’d like to sincerely thank all of our guests for giving up some of their very valuable time and contributing to what was, without doubt, one of the best shos we’ve ever put together.

AFP journalist
Daphnée Denis
was the first cab off the rank, and we certainly enjoyed hearing about the blind sports documentary that she’s been putting together over the past couple of years, as well as the work that Daphnée currently does as a journalist in the UK.

Check out
Shot in the Dark by Daphnee Denis and Hoda Emam.

Alaina MacGregor
came on to the show, and certainly impressed with her frank discussion on
British Blind Sport
and the fabulous way they assist blind and vi people to become involved in playing a wide range of sports across the UK.

Our third guest was champion vi archer
David Poyner,
who informed everyone that this fantastic sport is extremely close to being included in the 2020 Paralympic games, which is certainly good news for vi archery fans.

Check out
the British Blind Sport Archery Section
Blind Veterans UK
for further information.

Philip Bam from LOFOB – League of Friends of the Blind
was then on to chat about the preparations taking place for the upcoming blind cricket world cup in Cape Town. This promises to be a sensational tournament, and we can’t wait for November to role round.

Our fifth guest on the show was
Mark De Montis,
who started losing his sight at the age of seventeen, but rather than sitting around and feeling sorry for himself, Mark decided to get out there and play
blind ice hockey,
as well as host
Sports Access on AMI television.

The sixth and final guest on our massive show was newly appointed GB blind football coach
Jon Pugh.

We will be having Jon back on the air in two weeks time, due to the internet playing up towards the end of the show.

Disappointingly, we are not able to share this week’s podcast with you, as for some unknown reason, it didn’t record, but we’d like to publicly thank all of these magnificent guests for joining us on our latest episode of Balls And All, and we truly do appreciate all of you for coming on and making yesterday’s episode such a memorable show.

The Latest Around The Bar With Buddha Is Out

The latest podcast of Around The Bar With Buddha is now out, and another fun show was had by all.

A huge thanks to this week’s special guest
Ramona Williams
for coming on the show and telling us more about her love for blind cricket over in the UK, as well as making
Shaun Fitzpatrick
a very happy man.

Thanks also to our other special guest
David Saxberg
who came on the show and told us about his blind cricketing life, and it was great to find out a bit more about someone who perhaps a lot of you really didn’t know a great deal about.

Of course, we also thank our regular contributors for each week bringing us the AFL wrap, the union wrap, the soccer wrap and of course, the ever popular Ladies Of League wrap with
Leanne Fitzpatrick.

Why not
download the latest podcast of Around The Bar With Buddha
so that you can listen at your leisure, or you can click on the play button below to tune into the podcast online.