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Blind cricketers from 6 provinces will converge on Cape Town to participate in the 2014 Blind Cricket National Tournament in Somerset West from 8-12 April 2014. The tournament attracts the best blind cricketers as it is also an opportunity for the national selectors to observe and select a national squad to represent South Africa in the Blind Cricket World Cup competition to be held in December 2014 in Cape Town.

“Understandably, competition will be stiff at this tournament as players will have their eyes on the ultimate prize, the honour to represent one’s country internationally” says Philip Bam, Tournamant Director.

Three 40-over matches will be played daily at Radloff Park, Somerset West. This is the first time a 40-over series is being played and this will be good practice for budding blind national players as the World Cup competition will use the same format.

The players are classified into three categories – totally blind (B1), partially blind (B2) and with partial vision (B3). The rules are based on the standard cricket laws as adapted by the World Blind Cricket Council. An audio plastic ball with small metal balls on the inside is used. The stumps are usually brightly coloured. How does the blind bowler know where to pitch? He asks for directions given by the wicket keeper and it is not uncommon for LBW’s to be given and batsmen to be clean bowled. One of the totally blind players who scored a century in the last World Cup will also be participating for Northern Gauteng.

The tournament is hosted by Western Province Blind Cricket Association in partnership with the City of Cape Town and Western Province Cricket, CSA. A welcoming function will be held on Monday 7th April 2014 at 18:00 at the Charles Morkel Sports complex in the Strand. Presentation of medals and trophies will take place on the field after the last match on Saturday 12th April 2014.

This is a unique sport for visually impaired people affording them an opportunity to achieve accolades as well as showing the general public the abilities of blind people.

Surfing Macka Style

Balls And All co-host Hamish Mackenzie, whilst away on his holiday to the states and Costa Rica, decided that he’d try his hand at surfing for the very first time.

Check out how he went, in particular paying close attention to when the lesson was stopped twice due to Hamish feeling slightly ill. Mr Mackenzie tells me that he swallowed a massive amount of sea water. You be the judge.

Zip Line Makes Its Debut On Blind Sports Radio

Zip Line’s one off episode was on this past Thursday, and what a fun show it was.

A huge thanks to
James Dunn
for coming on the show. It was certainly a shame that JD had internet problems, but I’m sure that
Around The Bar With Buddha
will get JD back on to further discuss his cricketing, bowling and running career.

Long time blind cricketer, goalball star and swish nut
David Truong
made an appearance on the show, and as always, it was great to hear from Dave and it was certainly a very interesting chat we had about the great sport swish and how things are going with the game in Queensland and around Australia.

Thanks also to
Leanne Fitzpatrick
for her weekly Ladies Of League segment, and to baby Buddha for the AFL wrap.

A massive thanks also goes out to
Rob Apps
who came on in place of the holidaying surfing superstar
Hamish Mackenzie
after an hour’s notice, to present a well researched and entertaining rugby union wrap. Mr Mackenzie’s Thursday night spot may well be in danger.

It sure was a fun first show, and it was an honour to join
Troy King
and Hobson in the hot seat for what turned out to be a fantastic show, and who knows, future episodes may well be forthcoming.

Why not
download Zip Line
so that you can listen at your leisure, or you can click on the play button below to tune into the podcast online.

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