Michael Zannis Batting

2nd ODI Australia vs. England Is Out

On the 2nd day of play in The Lords Taverners International Blind Cricket Series between Australia and England, we had the thrill of covering what can only be described as a comprehensive win by the English over an Aussie side that insisted on committing seven, yes seven, run outs.

It certainly was an easy victory to England, but amongst all the carnidge, there was one player who, without doubt, deserves a mention.

Daniel Pritchard, also known by the headless chicken, took a magnifiscent 5/40 and also scored a 50 backing up his 89 from the first game. A truly unbelievable performance Dan and you are to be commended for your fabulous performances throughout the tournament and from here on in, you will never be referred to as the headless chicken on air, as you deserve to be thoroughly commended for your performances so far.

Why not download match 2 of Australia vs. England so you can enjoy the game at your own leisure, or you can click on the play button below in order to tune in online.